LOT318 Extra Clubs & Programs

Get involved in LOT318’s specialized programs! Focusing on the sports and the arts, LOT318 volunteers and supporters offer fun and creative outlets to help LOT318 learn fundamental skills and expand their knowledge on various activities!

Interested in volunteering in one of these programs? Contact Letty to get involved!

3V3 basketball

Founded by Orange Lutheran High School Senior, Jesse Kim. LOT318’s first basketball program practices weekly and is available for 8-12 year old LOT318 kids to work on basic basketball skills. Coach Jesse Kim established this program from the ground up, organizing the team name, jerseys, pictures, and new shoes for the team! He has donated his time and resources to make this possible and hopes to bring the LOT318 Huskies to a 3V3 Basketball tournament in Southern California to compete!

Music Club

Tune in and strike up the band in Music Club! Playing together, LOT318 musicians can practice on various instruments and find the one that’s just right for them. Maira has been teaching music to LOT318 for several years and teaches the kids to give back to their community by writing letters to veterans and has even taken field trips to play for senior citizens for the holidays!

Dance Class

Orange Lutheran High School student, Kaylyn brings the pep in LOT318’s Dance Class! Each Wednesday, LOT318 students of all ages are invited to get moving and dance to counts, rhythms, and music.

Bike Club

Created during the COVID-19 pandemic, the LOT318 Bike Club offers the LOT3EIGHTEENZ to roll out of their neighborhoods and hit the trails to practice bike safety, learn the rules of the road, and to exercise as a team!