Invest in our students this summer! Come volunteer as a helper for our Summer Programs for Elementary or Jr. High/High School students, host a fun-filled evening, or even supply snacks or drinks for a week! Together, we can create a productive and fun summer for our students!

To volunteer with LOT318 fill out the Volunteer Release and send to Alissa or mail to LOT318.

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Something incredible is happening at LOT318, and we need your help to make it possible!
We are purchasing the apartment building behind Homework Club! We will be working to rent the apartments as an investment back into our community. This is such an exciting opportunity, but it will take a lot to make it happen. To purchase, renovate, maintain, and run the building, we’ll need $1.9 million NOW.
We have no doubt we can do this with your help.

Donate today, and let’s invest in a child, change a generation and build our community together!

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What LOT318 does

We believe in walking alongside our community members and encouraging them to value themselves and the resources they have available to them. Our goal is to give them opportunities they may never have had, to become a positive influence and force in our world, and to love them in truth.

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Recently, we sat down with some of our students and parents to hear from them about their LOT318 and their community experiences. Read about how LOT318 made an impact one relationship at a time. Click to link to hear from community members as they tell their own LOT318 stories.

Read our Testimonials

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Your financial support will help take a child off the streets and put them in a safe environment where they can grow spiritually and as individuals. Lives will be changed because of YOUR investment!!

Together we are better

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LOT318 wants to Build a Community! This is not possible without countless partnerships in our community! Check out all of our LOT318 Partners .