LOT318 Community Testimonies:

A Note from Vivian Cuesta – Principal Melrose Elementary School

Dear LOT318,

You have indeed provided an AMAZING summer for our students and their families. The students always have wonderful things to share about these summer activities. On behalf of the entire Melrose Staff, I would like to extend a deep appreciation for all you do for our Melrose families. We are happy to report that our test scores are up once again. You and your volunteers have played an integral part of our academic success. Thank you for being ‘part of our village’. As we move into the new school year, we look forward to working with you as our ‘partners in education’.

Vivian Cuesta
Melrose Elementary School

A Note from Kathy, a local teacher

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you and your organization for all you are doing for the students here at Melrose. They come to school excited about the many fun things they are doing. Talk often centers around fun activities such as the Harvest Party in October or the Thanksgiving Feast in November, but sometimes they simply talk about the time people spent with them doing not much more than talking or sharing. One student told me recently that she wants to go to Biola University. Another told me that it is great always knowing that there is someone to listen when they need to talk. There is much excitement about just going to church. One student asked me if I believe in God and Jesus and when I replied yes, I was told that is good because it means I get to go to heaven. Your work in our neighborhood is having a positive impact on our students and I am thankful for your ministry here!

God’s blessings, Kathy (Teacher)

Marco - Cypress Street

My name is Marco. Growing up, my life was hard. I was doing drugs at 14 and didn’t have a lot of friends and no one wanted to accept me for who I was. Pretty soon though, I found a group of people that seemed to appreciate me and I joined the La Jolla Street Gang. I was a part of that gang for two years. During that time, I continued to do drugs and I had sex with girls that I didn’t even know. One of those girls said that I had gotten her pregnant. I wasn’t getting along with my family or my friends. Fighting people became a regular part of my life – it was a way that I could get other people to respect me.

One of my friends started going to church with Letty from LOT318 and he actually liked it. He said that people treated him nice. I went with him to a baseball game with Letty and some high schoolers from Friends Church. A few months later, LOT318 brought a service team to my neighborhood and showed The Passion of the Christ movie. It was Easter weekend. That night I realized that Jesus died for my sins and that He wanted to give me a second chance. That night I received Christ into my life. That night I had found something better than getting high off of some drug and I began to serve others instead of always thinking about myself.

LOT318 showed me love when no one else gave me that. They walked with me as I made mistakes and they helped me in school and at home. LOT318’s programs gave me a chance to show that I am capable of leading even when others didn’t think that I could.

Today, I still live on Cypress Street and want to live my life as an example to those that live around me. I have a Bible Study that meets in my house every Tuesday night and I am involved in planning and leading a High School Service team – just like the one that God used to change my life.

I’m so thankful that LOT318 came to my community and my neighborhood. Through many different events, they are making a difference. You see, someone chose to make their seat matter and because of that, my life was changed forever and now I have an opportunity to see others around me come to Christ, too.