How LOT318 Has Changed Our Lives:


We are happy to report that our test scores are up once again. You and your volunteers have played an integral part of our academic success. Thank you for being ‘part of our village’. Read more
~ Vivian

What a joy for me to go through my library and choose the books I treasure and share them with these students. Seeing the smiles on their faces, and hearing "Miss Alva, I loved that book" is a blessing money can't buy.Read more
~ Alva

Your work in our neighborhood is having a positive impact on our students and I am thankful for your ministry here!Read more
~ Kathy

I’m so glad that I’ve been able to help out with LOT318, and I hope that I’m able to bless others at least half as much as God has blessed me through this ministry. Read more
~ Chris

I would say that volunteering at LOT318 has changed my view on life and even my life itself. I plan my week around the events and I love each of the kids.Read more
~ Daryn

We had no idea of how much God was going to bless this ministry! Over the next couple of weeks and months we were getting close to 25 kids every week coming to this study.Read more
~ Geoff

I’m so thankful that LOT318 came to my community and my neighborhood.Read more
~ Marco

Working with the kids has pushed me to want to learn more, so that I will have more to teach them. It has also helped me understand how to help them. It is great to see how much of an impact Letty and the other workers have made on the community.Read more
~ Sara

No matter how much you may doubt your ability to help others do not let that doubt hold you back. Instead go out there, help to create change in others for the better and come back home changed forever!Read more
~ Scott