Meet Our Team

Letty Gali (Director):

Letty has served in full-time ministry for the last 20 years with various non-profit organizations such as; Campus Crusade for Christ, Yorba Linda Friends Church, and Hill of Hope. She meets with students and challenges them to become better students and to have better attitudes in their homes and community. Having grown up in Brooklyn, NY, Letty is able to relate with the students, which in turn, allows the students to be vulnerable, honest, and teachable. Letty's heart is for students to believe in themselves and to reach for the stars. She challenges the students to dream big, give back to the community, and helps them reach their goals.

Savana Beal (Co-Director):

Savana has always been very involved in music and service ministries from a young age. Her passion is to use music as a tool to serve others, as music is a universal language that bridges gaps between cultures and communities. She has had the opportunity to use her gifts to serve in Mexico, Romania, Canada, Santa Ana, San Francisco, and most recently, overseas to sing in Iraq for the Armed Forces. A few years ago, Savana had the chance to go on a mission's trip to work with the victims of Hurricane Katrina. There she met Letty. Together, they knew God had huge plans for this community. They have been led to build and grow the ministry into a non-profit organization. Savana's passion is to teach and empower all kinds of people to value education and to use it as a tool to serve others.

Marco Ramirez (Program Director):

Marco has lived in the community for 15 years. At the age of 14 he was doing drugs and didn’t have a lot of friends and no one wanted to accept him for who he was. Marco became a part of a local street gang. During that time, he continued to do drugs as well as other things he should not have. Fighting people became a regular part of his life – it was a way that he could get other people to respect him. In 2006 Marco got involved in LOT318’s “After-School Homework Club” program. His life began to change and soften for the things that pleased God. Today, Marco still lives in the community and many respect him more for his changed life. He lives his life as an example to those that live around him. He is currently our Program Director and runs our “After-School Homework Club”. He is involved in planning and leading various events with LOT318. Marco is also pursuing his license as a welder and is getting his AA degree from Santa Ana College with dreams to complete his university degree.

“My life was changed forever and now I have an opportunity to see others around me make a positive difference in the world we live in. LOT318 is giving me a chance to show that I am capable of leading even when others didn’t think that I could.” – Marco