We are thrilled with the opportunity to work alongside at risk youth and their community. Every minute and every dollar helps us acheive our goal of helping them see their own worth and purpose in this world. Help us challenge them. Help us encourage them. Help us start the cycle of service within their own community. Your special and unique gifts can be used within this community.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to talk further about how YOU can help. We’d love to have you join us!

Do you have a great serve idea or need a service project for your group? Contact Letty to discuss the many creative serve opportunities available with LOT318.

Homework Club

Our program runs from September through June at two locations. Homework Club runs from
3:00 pm – 5:00 pm in the open air at Cypress St. every Monday through Thursday (except school holidays). Join us to help the next generation of scholars.

Homework Club Info

Annual Thanksgiving Feast

Each year we partner with the community to serve over 1,300 Thanksgiving meals. With countless opportunities to serve, LOT318 needs a large team to be present in the community before, during, and after this special needed event. This is your chance to serve at our largest and longest-running community event with your friends and family! Get involved in our clothing drive, fun festival, and food service! More info coming Fall 2020!

Thanksgiving Clothing Drive

During our Thanksgiving Feast, LOT318 collects donated goods for the community to host a sale. Clothes for donation can be dropped off beginning November 1-21, 2020. More information coming Fall 2020!

Summer Math & Reading Programs

Invest in a child this summer! There are lots of ways to volunteer. On Tuesdays we have our Math Days and on Thursdays we have our Reading Days. Come volunteer as a helper or even supply snacks or drinks for a week. Our Volunteer Spot will be active June 1.

College/Career Support

Are you interested in mentoring a student or young adult who is interested in furthering their college or career development? LOT318 provides college and career development counsel to our community’s young adults who are pursuing further education. Whether it is community college, a four-year university, vocational training school, or a job interview, LOT318 desires to partner with those who are serious about their future and are seeking opportunities to progress forward.

Feeding the Homeless

LOT318 will be partnering with the upcoming Navigation Center to be opened early this summer! We will invite our volunteers and community to join us in serving our neighbors in need by practicing compassion to bring our community closer together. More information to come!