LOT318's Ongoing Programs:

LOT318 stands for “Loving Others in Truth” from the verse 1 John 3:18. We exist to minister to a- risk youth and their community by empowering them to see their worth and purpose in this world. We accomplish this by holding various events and service opportunities, to open their eyes to the world around us. We challenge them to serve others in the community and make a difference among their peers. We believe in education, and teaching them to value themselves and the resources they have available to them. Our goal is to give them opportunities they may never have had, to become a positive influence and force in our world, and to love them in truth.

The founding geographical location of LOT318 was strategically planned. It is in an area of about 5,000 homes. There is a large gang presence in Orange County, and the location of this outreach is located between two of these gangs. The Director’s aim, and she has proven successful in the early stages of her efforts, is to entice at-risk youth away from gang activity and at the same time improve their educational performance.

According to local police, there are three gangs in this particular area, each with a core of 75-100 members and swelling to as many as 250 members at any given times. These gangs are turf gangs, but have been involved in everything from graffiti to murder and attempted murder. It is LOT318's desire to provide their programs to this community.

After School Homework Club:

Our volunteers tutor students four days a week, for two hours after their normal school day. Their “classroom” is the sidewalk in front of a duplex apartment complex. Every day they set up the tables and chairs (and outdoor gas heaters if needed) on the sidewalk. The local teenagers assist them in retrieving the tables, chairs, and other supplies, from a nearby shed where they are stored at the end of each session.

Community members and students from nearby universities serve as volunteer instructors and help the youth in a wide variety of areas, from math to reading, and, when computers become available, basic skills for report preparation and studying via the internet.

Would you like to serve with us? If so, click the following links, fill out the forms, and contact Letty. Then you can sign up through our Volunteer page.

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to being a volunteer? No problem! We would love for you to visit our Homework Club to see if it would be a good fit for you. Contact Letty for more information. Can’t wait to see you there!

College and Career Development:

LOT318 provides college and career development counsel to individuals who are pursuing further education. Whether it is community college, a four-year university, vocational training school, or a job interview, LOT318 desires to partner with those who are serious about their future and are seeking opportunities to progress forward. LOT318's college and career development services helps in areas of academic advising, transfer planning, college visits, and career preparation, including online self-assessments and mock job interviews with career professionals.

Are you interested in mentoring a student or young adult who is interested in furthering their college or career development? If so, click the following link to fill out the volunteer packet and contact Letty. Contact Letty for more information.

Leadership Development:

LOT318 provides mentorship opportunities by building individual relationships with community members. We provide leadership opportunities for students of all ages and empower them with service opportunities.

Would you like to be a positive role-model in the life of an at-risk teen? Become a mentor at LOT318! Fill out the volunteer packet and contact Letty to get started.




Legal &Counseling Referrals:

LOT318 has contact information from local legal and counseling organizations that can assist a community member in need. LOT318 provides contact information and walks needy members through the steps necessary to help with a specific issue. Please contact us if we can assist you.






Summer Programs:

We continue our education programs throughout the summer with our 100% volunteer-run weekly Reading and Math Club. We partner with the city's Community Center and learn through fun, educational games and curriculum. In addition to our education program, we host movie nights, beach days, Bible studies and educational field trips.

We also sponsor groups of children who have participated in the Summer Reading Program to go to summer camp with local organizations. The children get to experience riding horses, swimming, making crafts, playing basketball and volleyball, and playing other fun games. The children are shown how to carry these same attitudes over in other areas of their lives such as: writing letters of gratefulness, keeping things clean and tidy, and making right choices. They learn the value of respect and teamwork.

Would you like to serve with us? If so, click the following links, fill out the forms, and contact Letty. Then you can sign up through our Volunteer page.