What we do at Homework Club!

Our volunteers tutor students four days a week for two hours after their normal school day. Their classroom is in the heart of community, right outside of our students’ homes!

All of LOT318’s supplies are stored onsite for accessibility. Every day our volunteers and community members set up the tables and chairs needed for LOT318’s students and volunteers to work. Our junior high and high school students assist them in retrieving these furnishings and more! From a fully stocked library to flashcards to other classroom supplies, LOT318’s volunteers are working to help our students in a wide variety of subjects, including math, reading, research and report writing, comprehensive skills. We strive to generate excitement about learning!

Our Homework Club Community:

Cypress Street

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm
Our program runs from September through June. Homework Club is held in the open air at Cypress St. every Monday through Thursday (except school holidays). Join us to help the next generation of scholars.

Cypress Street Volunteer Link

Ready to serve at Homework Club?

Don’t worry if you’re not a teacher! Don’t worry if you don’t have tutoring experience! If you have ever done homework before, you are BEYOND qualified to help with our programs! All we ask is that you share a love for education, kindness for our students, and Love Others in Truth!

To help with Homework Club and receive a meeting location fill out the Volunteer Release and send to Alissa or mail to LOT318. Hope to see you soon!