Our Goals

  • A community of authentic Christ followers – Looking out for each other's needs.
  • Students and families with a firm foundation of their worth and value.
  • Creating and developing leaders within the community
  • Multiplication (community becomes self-sufficient and continues the ministry).
  • A Community Center where the following is offered:
    • After-school programs
    • English as a second language
    • Domestic classes for moms
    • Professional skill developing for parents
    • Computer Classes
    • Free legal counseling
    • Tutoring/Homework Center
    • Recreational Center

By Products of Our Work

  • A community developed and transformed with the message of Jesus Christ.
  • Communities become self-sufficient so we can move on to another community.
  • Tearing down dividing walls between communities and local churches so they can work together with one common goal.
  • Individuals, churches and families volunteering with LOT318 developing a heart to serve that will give them a passion to go out and serve the community in which they live in.