College & Career Planning Information

Sandee Venegas of Vanguard University works with our LOT3EIGHTEENZ in high school. She helps to guide and coach them to find the next and best steps for them after high school. Are you interested in mentoring a student or young adult who is interested in furthering their college or career development? Contact Sandee via email.


LOT318 Scholar's Fund

The LOT318 Scholar’s Fund was created to support our LOT18 students as they strive to find open doors to walk through. This includes career and educational growth in vocational schools and traditional colleges.

We want to help with:

• College preparatory tests
• Tutoring
• Application fees
• Tuition aid
• School visits
• Book and supply costs

Are you ready to serve with our College & Career Planning team?

Are you interested in mentoring a student or young adult from the LOT318 community who is interested in seeking new opportunities for themselves? Are you wanting to invest in, change and build the LOT318 community? Volunteer now!

To volunteer fill out the Volunteer Release form and send to Letty or mail to LOT318. Hope to see you soon as we Love Others in Truth!