How do we support our young adults?

LOT318 provides college and career development counsel to our community’s young adults who are pursuing further education. Whether it is community college, a four-year university, vocational training school, or a job interview, LOT318 desires to partner with those who are serious about their future and are seeking opportunities to progress forward.

LOT318’s College/Career Support services help in the areas of academic advising, transfer planning, college visits, and career preparation, including online self-assessments and mock job interviews with career professionals.

We are always looking for qualified mentors for our students. Could that be you?!

Ready to serve with our College/Career Support team?

Are you interested in mentoring a student or young adult who is interested in furthering their college or career development?

To volunteer fill out the Volunteer Release and send to Alissa or mail to LOT318. Hope to see you soon!