We exist to walk alongside at risk youth and their community by empowering them to see their worth and purpose in this world. We accomplish this by holding various events and service opportunities to open their eyes to the world around us. We challenge them to serve others in the community and make a difference among their peers. We believe in education and teaching them to value themselves and the resources they have available to them. Our goal is to give them opportunities they may never have had, to help them become a positive influence and force in our world…and to love them in truth.

We ARE better together!

On February 21, 2017 Placentia City Council recognized LOT318’s impact in their community during a City Council meeting. LOT318 founder, Letty Gali, described the paradigm shift she has witnessed in the community; “It is no longer, ‘which gang am I going to join’, but ‘which college am I going to.'”

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We love connecting with our supporters. Have a great idea you think would benefit our community? Or are you not certain how or where you will fit with our many volunteer opportunities? Or you know how you want to volunteer and want to send your information to us? You can scan your completed Volunteer Release and email it to Letty (or you can always print and mail it). We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • RELATIONSHIPS: We believe in building relationships with the members of the community and living life with them. We exist to serve and love each other in truth and build a foundation for lifelong friendships.
  • EDUCATION: Our goal is to encourage the students to reach and maintain educational goals. We will give them access to achieving their dreams through after-school homework help and tutoring programs. Our hope is that they fall in love with learning and seize the opportunity given to them through education.
  • COMMUNITY: We want to be a community and remain in constant fellowship with one another. We want to bridge the racial/socio-economic gaps that exist within our hometowns to create peace amongst our neighbors.
The geographical location of LOT318 was strategically planned. It is in an area of about 5,000 homes. There is a large gang presence in Orange County, and the location of this outreach is located between two of these gangs. In the 12 years LOT318’s efforts of enticing at-risk youth away from gang activity and at the same time improving their educational performance have been very successful.

According to local police, there are three gangs in this particular area, each with a core of 75-100 members and swelling to as many as 250 members at any given times. These gangs are turf gangs, but have been involved in everything from graffiti to attempted murder and murder. It is LOT318’s desire to provide our programs to this community.

LOT318 is an official 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. All monies must be made payable to LOT318 in order for the donation to be tax-deductible. We appreciate any and all donations. We run completely by support so any and every donation counts and is greatly needed. All donations are tax-deductible. Of course, always check with your accountant for tax advice.
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